Nuffield Scholar Profile

  • A Nuffield scholar commits to a lifetime leadership role within the agricultural industry and communities of New Zealand. This industry leadership will occur in conjunction with the Nuffield scholar being successful in their career or business. Personal success helps give a scholar a platform and the skills and credentials to provide leadership to their chosen sector of the industry. A full range of personalities and leadership styles are welcome - scholars don't always need to be out the front to lead as sometimes a quieter approach can be just as effective. Nuffield scholars do, however, need to be effective communicators.

  • A Nuffield scholar will challenge conventional thinking and look for innovative solutions to old and emerging problems. They will be able to provide a global view and context on New Zealand issues and be able to give real perspective to the issues of the day.

  • Nuffield Scholars will develop, motivate and lead teams of people within their communities and within their chosen rural industries. Scholars need to appreciate that the real success of their leadership will be from developing people around them and not directly through their own individual endeavours. Nuffield scholars will not be looking for self-recognition or personal reward but be driven by the growth and sustainability of their chosen rural industry.

  • Scholars will have networks throughout New Zealand and globally as a result of their Nuffield travels and attending domestic and international Nuffield conferences. Scholars will understand the two way give-and-take nature of the Nuffield networks and will give at least as much to their networks as they take. Being prepared to share ideas and experiences is one of the key characteristics of Nuffield scholars and one of the real success factors of the global Nuffield network.

  • Nuffield scholars will be passionate and positive about agriculture/horticulture in New Zealand and be excellent role models and ambassadors for others looking at entering the industry. They must also be committed to further developing the Nuffield organisation by attending conferences, mentoring other scholars and identifying applicants and encouraging them to apply for a scholarship.

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