The Nuffield Scholarship

The Nuffield Scholarships were set up to provide an opportunity for farmers to get involved in leadership positions and influence decisions that affect farmers. The programme allows farmers to remove themselves from the farm and gain global perspectives and insights to bring back to New Zealand, for the benefit of the industry.

Scholars are expected to use the opportunity to travel internationally and observe, reflect and learn about global agriculture practices and the contexts that they are operating in and bring insights, ideas and information back to share with target audiences in New Zealand.

The scholarship is awarded in October for the following year with the "official" start of the programme being early March with attendance at the Contemporary Scholars Conference. This event connects the Nuffield Scholars selected for that year from around the world and is based in a different country each year alternating between southern and northern hemispheres.

Programme Components

During the 12 month programme, scholars participate in three core components, two of which are organised by Nuffield International with the third being a scholar driven itinerary.

  1. Contemporary Scholars Conference (CSC): early March (start always within first 2 weeks)

    An 8 day international conference attended with around 70 other Nuffield Scholars globally, covering leadership and global agriculture presentations, discussions and field trips.

  2. Global Focus Programme (GFP): March or June start options

    A 6 week tour with two departure options (March immediately following the CSC, or June departure). The tour, which is undertaken with a group of 8-9 other International Nuffielder scholars, covers five to six countries and up to four continents, looking at social, cultural, political and agricultural practices, strengths and challenges. The programme includes visits to at least three of the following continents - Asia, Europe, North and South America, Africa and Australia. 

  3. Individual Research: by own schedule

    Approximately 8-10 weeks individual travel and research around a nominated study topic and areas of personal industry interests. Subject to approval by the Trust this research may be undertaken any place in the world that is seen as appropriate both for the benefit of the scholar and for New Zealand agriculture generally. Scholars usually break this time into manageable trips away.

Scholarship Value

Up to five scholarships are awarded annually. The value of the Scholarship is $40,000 paid in instalments over the year at key milestones, generally related to the completion of programme components.

The scholarship funding provided is generally sufficient to meet the core components of the programme outlined above, depending on time away and number of return trips. The scholarship fund is assisted by the strong network of Nuffield Scholars around the world who usually offer to host scholars and alumni. The scholarship is not able to be used to cover home or work costs ie staff replacement etc. Where a scholar is undertaking additional travel and studies, grants can generally be obtained to cover additional costs.

Scholar Activities

Scholars complete reflective reports as part of and following their scholarship programme. We understand that many farmers may not have much exposure to the tools required to complete a report. Good support is provided throughout the year and post scholarship through briefings, specialist support advice and assistance to ensure our future leaders, and Nuffield NZ, get the maximum outcomes from this unique opportunity. Some of the activities scholars are involved in include:

  • A reflective journal with monthly updates on their activities, insights, learnings
  • Written reports reflecting on experience and learnings from each of the CSC, GFP and personal travel, shared in alumni newsletter and media articles

  • An industry focused report on a personal topic of interest which investigates and observes global observations and comparisons.

Following the scholarship:

  • A presentation at the biennial New Zealand Nuffield Farming Scholars Conference

  • Industry presentations and media articles as requested (usually post the scholarship)

Our Sponsors

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