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The Nuffield New Zealand Farming Scholarships are a life-changing experience that accelerates leadership development, unlocks individual potential, broadens horizons through study and experience, with a view to fast track the development of emerging leaders in our agri-food sector.

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New Zealand is a small place at the end of the world. Yet, it is among the world leaders in the primary industries space and a notable player in the food export markets. 

This is a position that can only be held with a healthy dose of both attitude and aptitude, in equal measures.

We have a small community of food producers that manages to stay competitive despite logistical disadvantages, high land values and without the subsidies available to farmers elsewhere in the world. 

There is a long way to go and we must ensure we are well equipped for the journey. 


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I highly recommend the Nuffield scholarship if you are someone that loves a challenge.

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