About the Nuffield Scholarships

A Nuffield Farming Scholarship is one of New Zealand’s most valuable and prestigious awards in the primary industry sector, nationally and internationally, and part of a global agri-food network promoting global vision, leadership and innovation.

The programme offers an incredible opportunity that will benefit careers, industry and business through advancing personal leadership development. There is strong representation by Nuffield alumni in New Zealand’s leading companies and organisations. Nuffielders are also providing leadership in on-farm innovations in New Zealand.

Following a competitive selection process, the chosen scholars embark on a unique global learning experience with opportunities for collaboration, networking and mentoring, to fast track their thinking and leadership skills to the next level.

The 12-month programme allows participants to spend time away from the business and travel to observe, immerse, reflect and learn about global agricultural practices and the contexts they are operating in. The experience helps scholars gain new insights and ideas to bring back to New Zealand to share, implement and influence positively, decisions that affect the agri-food sector and our rural communities. 

The Nuffield global network provides scholars with access to international leaders in the agri-food sector, and the best production, management and marketing systems around the globe. 

It is an unique learning experience, providing opportunities that would not be other wise available. New Zealand scholars have been hosted by institutions, organisations and businesses varying greatly in purpose and scale – from the White House in the United States to a Girls Agricultural School in Kenya. 

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Core Scholarship components

During the 12 month programme, scholars participate in three core components, two of which are organised by Nuffield International and the third being a scholar driven itinerary to complete individual research. 

Contemporary Scholars Conference (CSC)

Within first two weeks of March

The CSC brings together the Nuffield scholars selected for that year from member and aligned countries. It is hosted in a different country each year. 

It is a week long international conference where scholars hear presentations from thought leaders on global agricultural challanges, attend panel discussions and complete a number of field trips to cement their learning.

The 2018 conference will be held in The Netherlands. 

Global Focus Programme (GFP)

Two options: March or June start

The GFP is a six-week tour, undertaken with a group of 8-10 international Nuffield scholars from different countries.

The group travels to five or six countries, visiting three to four continents. This component is developed for impact and has an intensive itinerary of visits, meetings and ex periences that lead to transformational personal growth.

The group is exploring the social, cultural, political and agricultural practices, strengths and challenges behind and beyond the farm gate.

Individual research and industry report

By own schedule, undertaken internationally

The individual research programme includes 8-10 weeks of  travel and research on a chosen topic/s spread over the Scholarship year.

Scholars have the freedom to choose their own field of study and the timing if their travel arrangements in completing their research and growing their international understanding.

The final research paper is delivered at the Nuffield New Zealand and Nuffield Australia conferences before presentations at industry events.

The Nuffield Experience

We support and help our scholars in their endeavours to introduce new information and perspectives to local issues and debates. We offer them various opportunities both during their studies and after that, to present and promote their research and provide thought leadership in the New Zealand media, in front of our investor partners and at a range of industry forums. 

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